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RSS Feed Sampler For Technology
So much technology, so little time. These great sources will help you stay on top of the latest in high-tech whether you're interested in network architecture, upgrading your personal computer, buying a digital camera, open-source software, entreprise application integration and oh so much more.

CNET – Most Recent
20 most recent stories from the online oracle of High Tech. Stories cover technology and "its impact on enterprise computing, e-business, finance, communications, personal technology". from
Computerworld – Software
Keeping IT pros on top of enterprise software developments. Computerworld helps technology professionals understand the issues in technology management. from
eWeek - News
Updates from the web site of the weekly technology journal. eWeek says it best helping "readers to successfully evaluate, deploy and leverage new technology solutions for competitive advantage". from
A word that I made up by combining Geek and Beatnik. :) from
Major Geeks - Downloads
Download and try out the latest free software goodies. If you need help making your computer faster, better, more organized, etc., etc. this site can help. from
Microsoft – MSDN
Developers Only - every resource published to MDSN. Stay up on what technologies Microsoft is pushing and the best way to apply those technologies within your applications and infrastructure. from
Network World Fusions – How To’s
Hands on advice. Lots of info on the internals of networking and other IT topics. from
PC Magazine: New Product Reviews
Reviews of the shiniest new tech toys. From personal computers to digital cameras to TiVo, you'll find it here. from
RedNova - Space
Great pictures & news from the last frontier; RedNova is the premier space/science portal from
Wired News: Gadgets and Gizmos
Wired pundits kick around the latest and greatest technology toys and wired widgets. Find out what's in, what's out and what's on the way. from

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