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Over the past few years, poker has taken the world by storm. The poker craze has been fueled by the two big media outlets -- television and the Internet.

The Travel Channel's World Poker Tour has created a new star and its called Texas Hold 'em. On Wednesday nights, all eyes turn to watch the new stars of Poker -- who play for million dollar payouts. The TV lights and world-wide venues helped the fledgling WPT overtake Las Vegas' World Series of Poker. As a result, kitchen card games have been transformed into all night poker rooms with small town grinders playing this game for big pots.

Not surprisingly, the poker world has been boosted by the Internet's ability to make 24x7 gambling available in every home. Its easy to try out the moves the pros make at online poker tables at sites like Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Paradise Poker. If you win the right online Poker tournament it can even win you a seat at a WPT or World Series of Poker event.

A large community of bloggers have emerged to chronicle their new found lives as Poker players. We've compiled some of them here, along with links to a few commercial Poker and Poker news sites. - Poker / Gambling
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