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RSS Feed Sampler For Blogs of Interest
Blogs have taken the Internet by storm. From mainstream publishers to the average web user -- everybody now has a say. Here are some blogs from around the 'net that we think you'll enjoy reading.

Bush-Cheney '04 Blog
Interested in the GOP? Stay informed with the official blog for President George Bush's reelection campaign. from
The world is consumed with consumer gadgets. From MP3 players to watches with flash drives, this is arguably the area of greatest innovation in technology. Gizmodo provides a site to sort it all out. from
Mark Cuban Blog
He's the outspoken and flamboyant owner of the Dallas Mavs - who turned dotcom billions into the new Cuban "franchise". So it's not too surprising that that he's one of the first execs with a blog. from
Right This Way...The Fodor's Blog
Bitten by the travel bug? Trying to decide where you want to vacation next? The writers from Fodors, one of the most respected travel guides, give you a daily feed of places to see and things to do. from
The Official John Kerry Blog
Are you interested in politics and this year's election cycle? Keep up with the latest news from the Democratic candidate for President with John Kerry's offical blog. from

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