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RSS Feed Sampler For World News

Interested in keeping up with events that are part of the global scene? Looking for a perspective that doesn't necessarily come from the same place you do? One of these news sources might be just what you are looking for.

For example, the BBC is widely recognized for their journalistic integrity and providing a fresh look at many international stories. As they state on their web site "we need to be inquiring and open-minded - unafraid to surprise our audiences with a view of a story that is different - and always looking for a wide range of evidence and opinion." We think they're a valuable part of a healthy news diet.

The Christian Science Monitor is another source that may catch you off guard at first with their name. They are not a religiously focused publication so check them out if you haven't already. If you agree with this "the unblemished truth is freeing (as a fundamental human right); with it, citizens can make informed decisions and take intelligent action, for themselves and for society", then you're probably going to enjoy giving the Christian Science Monitor a read.

Of course, there are the old standby's as well: New York Times and Yahoo!. You can't go wrong with these guys so take your pick and stay current with what's going on in your world.

BBC - Front Page
Current events from a Euro perspective from
Christian Science Monitor - World
The largest independent newspaper brings you their take on top world news stories each day. from
New York Times – Home Page
Breaking news from an American media icon. from
Yahoo! News – Top Stories
A fresh stream of the latest worldwide news. from

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