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Advertise On CompleteRSS

Advertising your product or service on CompleteRSS is an excellent way to reach the technology-savvy early adopter community.

CompleteRSS users have incorporated the Internet into their daily lives and are interested in a broad range of high technology products. They enjoy using the latest and greatest in new technology, and are quick to make unsolicited recommendations to their peers.

CompleteRSS has a variety of advertising and promotional vehicles available to reach this audience, including:

  • Sponsorship of Feed Directory or item search results
  • Sponsorship of FeedSampler category pages (Technology, Entertainment etc.)
  • Page-level advertising for Directory or item search results
  • Bottom of the Page ads that sell products and also increase search engine rankings

We are also open to creative proposals that you believe will mutually benefit our customers and your business.

For more information about advertising on CompleteRSS, please send an email to

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